Liquored Up! KISS introduces its Drink It Up line of alcoholic spirits to the US

Courtesy of KISS Catalog Ltd./Epic Rights

KISS has just introduced its Drink It Up brand of liquors to the U.S. The alcoholic beverage line, which already was available in Europe, Australia and Japan, features three varieties of premium rum and a premium gin, all named after songs or albums by the Rock & Roll Hall of Famers.

Currently, only two of the Drink It Up rum varieties can be purchased: KISS Black Diamond Premium Dark Rum and KISS Detroit Rock Premium Dark Rum, which are being sold in 25 states across the U.S., as well as at Coming soon will be KISS Premium Distilled Cold Gin and the limited-edition Monstrum Ultra Premium Dark Rum.

“From Monstrum to Cold Gin, we wanted each spirit in the portfolio to reflect the energy of our band,” says KISS frontman Paul Stanley. “We didn’t just slap a label on and call it a day, we’re proud to say that each bottle in the Drink It Up by KISS portfolio was carefully curated and each unique spirit has earned its name.”

The gin, of course, is named after KISS’ 1974 song “Cold Gin,” while the rums’ monikers were inspired by the band’s tunes “Black Diamond” and “Detroit Rock City, and their 2012 album, Monster.

To produce the Drink It Up line, KISS partnered with the Epic Rights licensing company and the award-winning Swedish spirits producer Brands for Fans.

Each variety was created by an in-house master blender.

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