Dave Grohl produces shredding rendition of Canada’s national anthem for Crown Royal Super Bowl ad

John Medina/Getty Images

Canadian whisky brand Crown Royal has shared more of its upcoming Super Bowl commercial starring Dave Grohl.

In a new clip posted to YouTube, the Foo Fighters frontman produces a shred-heavy rendition of Canada’s national anthem, “O Canada,” performed by Canadian guitarist and Prince collaborator Donna Grantis. Following her rocking performance, Grohl asks Grantis if she wants to start a band, to which she exclaims, “I’m in!”

Meanwhile, another clip is a follow-up to a previously released teaser for the ad, in which Grohl rattled off a list of seemingly unrelated and random items, including “peanut butter” and “Hawaiian pizza.” As it turns out, what those things have in common is that they were invented in or are produced in Canada.

“Today, let’s thank Canada,” Grohl declares.

Super Bowl LVII airs this Sunday at 6:30 p.m. ET on Fox.

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