Third episode of ‘My Life as a Rolling Stone’ docuseries, focusing on Ronnie Wood, premieres Sunday

Courtesy of EPIX

The third episode of the new four-part Rolling Stones docuseries My Life as a Rolling Stone premieres on EPIX this Sunday, August 21, at 9 p.m. ET.

The new installment focuses specifically on Ronnie Wood. It features the longtime Stones guitarist discussing the high and low points of his long career, and his life as a member of the the iconic band.

In a preview clip from the episode, Wood and founding Stones guitarist Keith Richards recall how Richards once got into a fight with Wood over Wood’s use of crack cocaine during the group’s 1981 tour.

Richards remembers that he angrily knocked on the door to Wood’s hotel room, and when Wood opened it, Richards could smell the drugs and he proceeded to punch his bandmate, who fought back.

“We all fought into Ronnie’s room,” Richards recalls. “He tries to land one on me. The couch goes over. Ronnie’s about to fall out the window, so I grab him and then everything stops. And laughter. And that was that.”

Wood adds, “We laughed it off, and I went into the next room. There’s Mick [Jagger] and Charlie [Watts] …They’re playing some game on the floor, and I went, ‘Look at me, I’m covered in blood.’ And they just sort of went [to each other], like, “OK, right, it’s your move.”

As previously reported, the series, which was produced to coincide with the British rock legends’ 60th anniversary, is made up of four hourlong episodes, each focusing on a different band member. The first episode profiled Jagger, the second looked at Richards, while the final installment will focus on the late Watts.

In addition to new conversations with Jagger, Richards and Wood, My Life as a Rolling Stone features new interviews with many other noteworthy music artists.

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