Graham Nash says Hollies co-founder Allan Clarke’s new solo album, which he sings on, is due out in July

Allan Clarke and Graham Nash in 2010; Michael Loccisano/Getty Images

Last November, Graham Nash revealed that he was working on a new album with his childhood friend and fellow Hollies co-founder Allan Clarke, and now the folk-rock legend has shared more details about the project.

Nash tells ABC Audio that the record actually is a new Clarke solo album that’s due out in late July, and that he is singing on “maybe seven or eight tracks.”

Graham says he’s also written one tune for the album.

“[It’s] a song I had written very quickly. It’s a very simple song…about The Hollies’ love for Buddy Holly, and it’s called ‘Buddy’s Back,'” he explains. “And I think it’s a lovely recording. And…it might be his first single off the record.”

Nash, who like Clarke turned 80 earlier this year, says the remainder of the album is made up of new songs written by Allan.

“[H]e’s been writing incredibly well,” Graham raves. “And in a way, more importantly, he has been singing the s*** out of [the songs].”

Nash says he’s particularly happy that Clarke has been singing well, because he’d lost his voice about two decades ago, “which is why he left The Hollies.”

Graham adds, “I probably wouldn’t have done [the album] with such emotion and pleasure if he wasn’t singing quite right…But he’s singing his a** off.”

Nash also says he’ll be glad to perform some shows with Clarke to help promote the project.

“I told him I will do any press that he wants,” Graham notes. “Any way to point the fingers back to Allan Clarke is what I’ll do.”

Meanwhile, Nash continues to promote his recently released album Graham Nash: Live — Songs for Beginners/Wild Tales, and he’ll launch a U.S. solo tour on July 13 in Red Bank, New Jersey.

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