Listen to the title track of America singer Gerry Beckley’s forthcoming solo album, ‘Aurora’

Listen to the title track of America singer Gerry Beckley’s forthcoming solo album, ‘Aurora’
Blue Élan Records

America‘s Gerry Beckley has released the title track of his upcoming album Aurora as the latest advance single from the record, which is due out on July 1.

“Aurora,” which kicks off the album, is a love song that, according to Beckley, uses the phenomenon of the colorful lights seen in the sky at daybreak as a metaphor for the significant life event of meeting his wife and relocating to Australia.

The track is available now via digital formats, and you also can check out an official lyric video for the song at the Blue Élan Records label’s YouTube channel.

Aurora is an 11-song collection that Gerry recorded during the COVID-19 pandemic at his two home studios — in Sydney, Australia, and Venice, California.

The album’s tracks include tunes that began as unfinished demos and scratch recordings that date back as far as the early 1970s, as well as brand-new songs written during the past two years.

Prior to “Aurora,” Beckley released two other advance tracks from the album — “Friends Are Hard to Find” and “Tickets to the Past.” Gerry co-wrote the latter tune with his co-founding America band mate Dewey Bunnell, who also sings on the track. “Tickets from the Past” is the first song that Beckley and Bunnell wrote together that isn’t making its debut appearance on an America album.

America is about to launch a new series of U.S. tour dates that run from a June 3 concert in Albany, New York, through an August 27 show in St. Charles, Illinois. Check out the band’s full schedule at

You can pre-order Aurora now. Here’s the album’s full track list:

“I Fall Down”
“Never Know Why”
“Tickets to the Past”
“Way to Go”
“Friends Are Hard to Find”
“Peace of Mind”
“Indy’s Gatho”

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