Journey’s Jonathan Cain hosting Christmas concert tonight that will be streamed live online

Credit: Micah Kandross

Journey keyboardist Jonathan Cain will be co-hosting a special Christmas concert called “Wonder of Wonders” tonight with his wife, pastor Paula White-Cain, at her City of Destiny church in Apopka, Florida.

The event, which begins at 7 p.m. ET, is free and open to the public, and also will be livestreamed at

The concert will feature guest appearances by Brianna Alomar, a young singer-songwriter who has collaborated with Jonathan in recent years; Cain’s brother, drummer Tommy Cain; and guitarist Kevin Eknes, who plays in Jonathan’s solo touring band. There also will be a full choir and a string quartet.

Cain tells ABC Audio that he’s planning to have the show filmed, and possibly put it out on video.

According to a press release, Cain will take people “on an adventure through the Nativity” during the concert, which will feature performances of his 2019 Christmas radio hit “Wonder of Wonders,” and other songs from his recent faith-based solo releases, including material from his new EP, Oh Lord Lead Us.

Jonathan also will perform a tune called “Behold” that he wrote specially for this concert.

Cain tells ABC Audio that his family Christmas celebration will be “abbreviated” this year, because of how busy he’s been this month, with Journey having played a series of shows in Las Vegas leading into his preparation for the holiday concert.

“I’m coming right out of Vegas into church, and then straight into Christmas,” he explains. “So it’s gonna be crazy.”

Cain will stay busy right into 2022, as Journey will be heading to New York City to perform in Times Square on New Year’s Eve as part of the ABC special Dick Clark’s New Year’s Rockin’ Eve with Ryan Seacrest.

“Hopefully, Paula and I will get a vacation in January,” Jonathan declares.

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