Updated version of authorized Queen biography ‘As It Began’ to be released in March 2022

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A revised and updated version of the authorized 1992 Queen biography Queen: As It Began, which told the story of the legendary British rock band through the 1991 death of frontman Freddie Mercury, will be published on March 24, 2022.

Queen: As It Began (Revised and Updated Edition) features new contributions from Queen guitarist Brian May and drummer Roger Taylor, including exclusive interviews with the two band mates, and adds to the story of the group through 1996.

The updated version of the book features a new foreword penned by May, as well as many additional photographs.

Queen: As It Began was co-written by respected Queen expert Jim Jenkins  and Jacky Smith, who has run the group’s official international fan club for 40 years.

The book offers an in-depth look at the band’s history, including the childhoods and early musical endeavors of its four members — Mercury, May, Taylor and bassist John Deacon — the band’s late 1960s origins as a group called Smile that initially featured May and Taylor, the emergence of Queen after the additions of Mercury and Deacon, the group’s path to global superstardom, Freddie’s tragic death at age 45 from AIDS, and its aftermath.

“A source of much pleasure to anyone who has an interest in the inside story of the making of that unusual phenomenon known as Queen,” May says of the book.

You can pre-order the updated version of Queen: As It Began now at the band’s official online store.

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