Steve Perry says his Christmas album ‘The Season’ is his way of “giving back”

Steve Perry says his Christmas album ‘The Season’ is his way of “giving back”
Jeff Wack/Fantasy Recordings

Steve Perry‘s first Christmas album, The Season, arrives today, and finds the ex-Journey frontman putting his own stamp on holiday classics like “Winter Wonderland,” “Silver Bells” and “The Christmas Song”…gently.

“I’ve always loved these songs since I was a child, and I was really…careful to make sure that the original emotional reverence that meant so much to me when I was young stays intact,” Perry tells ABC Audio. “And so I wanted to do them a little bit different. I wanted to make them mine, but I didn’t want to walk too far away from the melodic structure…that I loved about them.”

Perry says The Season is his way of bringing holiday cheer to everyone who’s struggled through the pandemic.

“The last year and eight months or two years have been so difficult for so many, including myself,” Perry admits. “And given me such a different respect for so many things.”

He continues, “Honestly, I’m not in the music business to make money. At this point, these records I’ve been making, solo-wise, are almost like just giving back to what I’ve been given so much [of].”

To that end, Steve thinks that one particular song really sums up with the project is all about.

“For this particular period, this Christmas…it has to be ‘I’ll Be Home for Christmas,'” Perry notes. “Because it’s something everybody in their heart wishes they could have done [last year]. And perhaps now, what we’ve all been through has refreshed our reverence for how important it is to go home for Christmas.”

And does Perry see more holiday music in his future?

He laughs, “If I can pull it off — if Uncle Steve is still here — I might do that, yes!”

Here’s The Season‘s full track list:

“The Christmas Song”
“I’ll Be Home for Christmas”
“Auld Lang Syne”
“Winter Wonderland”
“What Are You Doing New Year’s Eve”
“Santa Claus Is Coming to Town”
“Silver Bells”
“Have Yourself a Merry Little Christmas”

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