Alice Cooper says he’s spending this Halloween recording a new studio album

Scott Legato/Getty Images

With Halloween taking place this Sunday, we checked in with shock rocker Alice Cooper to find out what his plans are for the scary, spooky holiday, and found out some exciting news.

Cooper, who wrapped up his 2021 U.S. tour in support of his latest studio album, Detroit Stories, last week, tells ABC Audio, “I would love to be home with my grandkids, taking ’em trick or treating, except I’m gonna be in the studio in Nashville recording the next album.”

The 73-year-old Rock & Roll Hall of Famer reveals he’s actually “already working on three different albums,” although he doesn’t share any specifics about the projects.

He adds, “I mean, to me, that’s what I was put on Earth to do, is to make records and entertain audiences, you know, and do my shows.”

Cooper says he has no plans to retire because he still feels he hasn’t come up with his best material, and he still loves performing for his fans.

Alice shares a story about how Bob Dylan responded when someone asked him when he was going to retire.

“[H]e goes, ‘I write songs, I sing songs for an audience. That’s what I do,'” Cooper says with a laugh. “It doesn’t matter how much money or anything like that…It has everything to do with, I haven’t written my best songs yet.”

Cooper adds, “Paul McCartney would tell you the same thing. He’d say, ‘I haven’t written my best songs yet, so I’m gonna go do another album.’ And as long as the audience is still there for me, I will keep going until they don’t show up anymore.”

Alice’s next scheduled performance will be in February 2022 on the Monsters of Rock Cruise, followed by a European tour kicking off in May.

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