The Police’s Andy Summers says he’s writing a “weird but commercial” screenplay

Credit: Mo Summers

Andy Summers released his first book of fiction, Fretted and Moaning: Short Stories, earlier this month, but the Police guitarist already is working on another writing project.

“I came up with this crazy idea…I’m in the middle of a screenplay now,” Summers tells ABC Audio. “It’s weird, but it’s also commercial. I think it can have legs. I’m working on it…trying. You know, we’ll see where it all goes.”

While he thinks his film idea has a lot of potential, the 78-year-old Rock & Roll Hall of Famer says he realizes that it may be a challenge to get the project produced.

“I mean, to get anything made in life…a record, a song recorded, a film, a book, it’s incredibly difficult, ’cause generally you’re dealing with people in the business who don’t get it,” he maintains. “They always want it to be like something else, or they go, ‘Well, it’s this. It’s one of these things.’ But no, it’s not. It’s original.”

Summers says working on the screenplay has been similar to writing his short-stories collection in that he’ll often reach a point where he runs out of ideas.

Andy explains that when he hits that point, “[Y]ou go and do something else…make a fried egg in your kitchen or something, [and then suddenly a new idea]…just like appears. You have to trust that process that…the neurons are doing something up there that you don’t know about. And it suddenly just springs out.”

Fretted and Moaning can be ordered now at Summers also is preparing to release a new instrumental solo album called Harmonics of the Night in October.

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