Arise, Sir Ozzy: Rob Halford thinks Osbourne deserves a knighthood

Paul Archuleta/FilmMagic

Should a guy who once bit the head off a bat be honored with the title of “sir?” According to Judas Priest‘s Rob Halford, the answer is yes.

Speaking to Classic Rock magazine, Halford says, “If one person deserves a knighthood, it’s Ozzy Osbourne. Just for the joy he’s given people over the years.”

Usually when rock stars are knighted, it’s for “services to music,” as well as for charitable activities — two things that Ozzy can conceivably claim.

While he doesn’t have a knighthood himself, Halford did meet the late Queen Elizabeth II. He tells Classic Rock that he was at Buckingham Palace for an event celebrating British music when he was introduced to the queen by singer and actress Cilla Black.

“Cilla … says, ‘This is Rob Halford, he’s flown in from Finland to be here,’” Halford recalls. “And the Queen said, ‘You play music? What kind of music do you play?’ So I said, ‘Heavy metal.’ And she said, ‘Oh, heavy metal? Why do they have to play so loud?’ So I just went, ‘So you can bang your head, Your Majesty.’”

“It was such a lovely night, talking about heavy metal to the Queen.”

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