New doc gives fans insight into 50 years of King Crimson

C Brandon/Redferns

King Crimson is celebrating their 50th anniversary, and fans are getting a behind-the-scenes peek at the progressive rock band in the new documentary In The Court of the Crimson King.

The documentary follows the band while on tour. Director Toby Amies tells ABC Audio that while guitarist Robert Fripp, the only member who’s been around the full 50 years, wanted the film made, getting him to talk was one of his biggest challenges he encountered.

“I basically had to make an entire film in order to demonstrate that it might be better were he to be in it,” Amies shares. “King Crimson is not Robert Fripp, but King Crimson is not King Crimson without Robert Fripp.”

He adds that while it was important to have Fripp in the movie, “I was at great pains to make sure that it was not just the Robert Fripp show.”

Bassist Tony Levin, who’s worked with artists like John Lennon and Peter Gabriel, has been in King Crimson for 40 years and says he loves the challenge it brings.

“Being around musicians who push and challenge themselves on their instrument and already are expert at their instrument is inspiring,” he says.

Tony calls the film “a revelation” and believes even those who aren’t fans of King Crimson can enjoy it.  

He describes the doc as “a very deep and dark and funny exploration of a microcosm of life,” noting, “I think people who don’t know anything about, who don’t even like progressive rock, might go to this and walk out and feel like, ‘I’ve never thought there could be a documentary like this.’” 

In The Court of the Crimson King is currently available on video on demand.

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