Janis Ian & ‘Rolling Stone’ respond to Jann Wenner’s controversial comments

Janis Ian & ‘Rolling Stone’ respond to Jann Wenner’s controversial comments
Mike Coppola/Getty Images

Singer Janis Ian has responded to the comments made by Rolling Stone founder Jann Wenner in The New York Times, in which he suggested female artists weren’t “articulate enough” to be included in his new book, The Masters.

“Gee, guess I was never articulate enough for Jann,” she wrote on Facebook. “Guess (Joan) Baez wasn’t. Certainly Liz PhairDolly Parton have no way with words…” 

She writes about living on the Upper West Side of Manhattan when the magazine first started, noting it was “like reading the old NY Post.” 

“I enjoyed a lot of it when it began, but some years later a friend who worked there told us ‘All Jann cares about now is landing the Volkswagen account. Forget it,'” she shares. “Money and being allowed to hang with ‘the boys’ were the important things, I suppose.”

Meanwhile, Rolling Stone magazine is distancing itself from its co-founder, making sure people know he “has not been directly involved in our operations since 2019.”

“Our purpose, especially since his departure, has been to tell stories that reflect the diversity of voices and experiences that shape our world,” they write on social media. “At Rolling Stone‘s core is the understanding that music above all can bring us together, not divide us.”

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