John Lydon blames “incredible stupidity” for increase in concertgoers throwing things at performers

Jim Dyson/Getty Images

Former Sex Pistols frontman John Lydon is chiming in on the recent trend of concertgoers throwing things at musicians onstage, and he says he’s definitely been on the receiving end over the years. 

“I’ve been hit with a billiard ball,” he tells Metro UK. “That wasn’t very pleasant – for the ball.”

Lydon says there will “always be that jealous little fart” in the audience who feels the need to chuck something at the stage, and he believes social media and “incredible stupidity” have made it worse in recent years.

He warns fans to “be sensible,” noting, “You can seriously hurt someone here. And the cowardice of hiding in a crowd if there are ill-intentions on your mind makes you the lowest form of life.”

Lydon has been hit with more than just a billiard ball. He says he was once hit in the face with a stiletto, which caused him “blinding pain.” But he actually didn’t feel any ill will toward the girl who threw it, because she instantly started crying out that she didn’t mean it. 

He notes, “The poor thing, I felt immediately sorry for her because her look of shock, and the worst thing is she was meaning all the best.” He added, “God bless her! If she’s sat there and reads this I hope she’s able to giggle at it.”

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