Pearl Jam’s Jeff Ament: “I think everybody hopes that we have a record out next year”

Samir Hussein/WireImage

Will we be getting a new Pearl Jam album in 2024?

That appears to be the band’s goal, according to bassist Jeff Ament. Speaking with Consequence’s Kyle Meredith with… podcast, Ament shares, “I think everybody hopes that we have a record out next year.”

“If we have a record out next year that means we’ll probably play a few more shows,” he says. “There’s a couple places we haven’t played in quite awhile … I think we have stuff penciled in.”

Aments remarks follow guitarist Stone Gossard‘s comments that the upcoming album, the follow-up to 2020’s Gigaton, is “getting close to the finish line.”

“The hardest part of making a record a lot of times is figuring out which songs go on the record and ‘Do we need to record another song?’ and ‘What’s the artwork, what’s the title?’ … all that stuff,” Ament says.

“I know for a fact right now everybody wants the summer off, because last summer was a bit of a grind,” he continues. “I know at that point, the record’s still not done, so, come September … the questions we have about where are we at, whatever, we’ll ask those questions again and we’ll revisit them.”

Pearl Jam is also kicking off a short U.S. tour August 31 in St. Paul, Minnesota.

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