Yes’ Steve Howe explains why he’s unlikely to reunite with Jon Anderson

Scott Legato/Getty Images

Yes fans hoping to see a reunion between bandmates Steve Howe and Jon Anderson probably shouldn’t hold their breath waiting for it to happen.

In a new interview with Classic Rock, Howe explains why a reunion isn’t likely to happen anytime soon. He tells the mag he’s “absolutely hesitant” to do it because of what he calls “the fiasco of the Union tour,” which took place in 1991 and featured eight past and current members of Yes.

“It was very, very difficult and out of control,” Howe says. “Sometimes I might have thought, ‘Well, one day maybe,’ and one never wants to say never, but basically I can’t see it.”

Howe says that while he loves Anderson, “I’m a lot older now, and so is he, and the only terms I work on is that I’m happy working on this. I’m not going to take a sudden load on my back that I either don’t need or want.”

He adds, “My music’s always guided me, and it’s not telling me to do those things. It’s telling me to go forwards. If it keeps steering me where it is now, then it’s great to have this live and vibrant Yes.”

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