Graham Nash often wonders why he’s a success

Graham Nash often wonders why he’s a success
Bobby Bank/Getty Images

Graham Nash has gone through a lot of loss in the past year, not only with the death of his bandmate David Crosby, but also the death of Crosby-Nash band member David Lindley, and it’s got him thinking about life.

“It really tells me that life is short,” Nash tells Spin magazine. “Your time goes insanely fast, and we must make the correct choices for our lives. … That’s all life is, choices that you make, and you have to make the correct choices to get to be 81 and still rocking.”

Nash, whose new album, Now, comes out Friday, May 19, says he often wonders what he did right when “there are so many people that are much better musicians than I am that are nowhere.” He says when he goes home to Manchester, England, and sees old friends who hate their jobs, it makes him ask himself, “’Why was it me that left and got rewarded by all this, you know, success?’”

He still hasn’t figured out an answer to that question, noting, “I keep asking myself, but I haven’t come up with the answer yet.”

Regardless of why he made it, Nash is thrilled to still be making music and has no plans to slow down. He notes, “I’m very delighted to be 81 years old and still rocking like this. And I hope it goes on for another 20 years. Why not?”

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