Watch Billie Joe Armstrong surprise pub band covering Green Day song

ABC/Randy Holmes

A pub band playing a cover of Green Day‘s “Basket Case” was very surprised when Billie Joe Armstrong happened to be in the audience.

In a video posted to Green Day’s YouTube, titled “When you walk into a pub and the cover band starts playing your song,” you can see Armstrong walk onto the stage from the crowd and start singing along.

According to the BBC, the cover band is called Borderline Toxic, and they were playing at a London pub called Slim Jim’s Liquor Store.

“Eleven-year-old me panicked,” Borderline Toxic singer Kerry Glass tells BBC Newsbeat. “I think I did three circles just running around the stage until [Armstrong] was like, ‘Come on, sing with me.'”

After Green Day posted the video, Glass says she’s been receiving messages from old friends and classmates sharing their excitement.

“People that used to go to rock clubs when we were younger have got in touch and been like, ‘Oh my god, Kerry, that’s amazing,'” Glass shares. “That’s been the nicest thing.”

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