SF Pride hopes Dee Snider & Paul Stanley controversy helps “educate the world”

courtesy of SF Pride

Dee Snider was supposed to perform at San Francisco Pride next month, but the two sides agreed to part ways after Snider supported Paul Stanley’s recent tweet suggesting gender confirmation treatment for children has been “turned into a sad and dangerous fad.” 

At the time, SF Pride said they “appreciate Dee seeing this as a teachable moment” — but has Dee really learned anything?

“I think he has learned some,” Suzanne Ford, executive director of SF Pride, tells ABC Audio. “But I don’t think he’s at a place where we would probably be totally in alignment about our opinions about health care for trans children.” 

Nguyen Pham, president of SF Pride, adds, “One of our core pillars of our overall mission is to educate the world. So we do see this as an opportunity to narrow that gap of understanding just a little bit with our key allies.” He agrees with Suzanne, but adds, “We do see potential there.”

Ford takes particular issue with Stanley’s description of gender confirmation treatment as a “fad,” describing the comment as “quite dangerous.” Pham adds it suggests we shouldn’t believe trans kids.

“I think we really need to lean into believing children when they come to us,” Pham says.

Snider was supposed to serve as the parade’s celebrity grand marshal and perform Twisted Sister’s “We’re Not Gonna Take It” as the rallying cry, so now SF Pride is looking for a replacement.

“We are hoping that somebody out there, a recording artist or a celebrity will see how much we need someone to stand with us,” Ford says. “An icon in the queer community that would come and be with us to help us make this statement.” 

SF Pride is happening June 24 and 25. More info can be found at sfpride.org.

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