Julian Lennon teams up with Future Youth Records for new Earth Day EP

Future Youth Records

Julian Lennon continues to try to raise awareness of the many issues plaguing the environment, and he’s doing so with a brand new project. The singer and his White Feather Foundation have joined forces with Future Youth Records for a new EP that will raise funds for environmental issues.  

The Think Earth 23 EP, dropping Sunday, April 23, for Earth Day, features a cover of Lennon’s 1991 track “Saltwater,” written about our world’s climate issues. Artists on the tune include Toto keyboardist Steve Porcaro, Wings guitarist Laurence Juber, The Mars Volta bassist Eva Gardner and Jim Keltner, a session drummer who worked with Julian’s dad, John Lennon.

The EP also includes a remix of “Save Me,” from Lennon’s 2022 album, Jude, by German youth artist Josh Heitzler.

“I always try to do something special on Earth Day one way or another,” Lennon tells People. “I tend to go with my gut on these things. And this was one of those project ideas that I thought, ‘Okay, well I kind of like this,’” adding, “Especially considering it was about a lot of the kids and their involvement in not only environmental and humanitarian issues, but the arts too, and music.” 

Lennon’s White Feather Foundation, which he founded in 2007, will donate proceeds from the EP to its Save the Mirning Sea Country Campaign to “help preserve critical biodiversity and protect a sacred Aboriginal culture.” Future Youth Records will use its share to help young artists as they “inspire environmental change and social justice through music.”

Think Earth 23 is available for preorder now.

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