Metallica premieres video for ’72 Seasons’ song “Chasing Light”

ABC/Randy Holmes

Metallica‘s run of videos continues with “Chasing Light,” a track off the band’s new album, 72 Seasons.

The latest clip finds the ‘Tallica members striking poses against a glitchy yellow and black background. You can watch it now streaming on YouTube.

Since 72 Seasons dropped last Friday, Metallica has released a new video every day. They also put out visuals for the four pre-release tracks: lead single “Lux Æterna,” “Screaming Suicide,” “If Darkness Had a Son” and the title track.

Now with “Chasing Light,” only two 72 Seasons songs have yet to receive videos: “You Must Burn!” and the 11-minute “Inamorata.” The “You Must Burn!” clip premieres Thursday, presumably followed by “Inamorata.”

Additionally, Metallica is releasing every 72 Seasons video in American Sign Language, or ASL. The ASL edition of the title track is out now, and the remaining 11 videos will premiere April 25.

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