Sex Pistols’ Glen Matlock on ‘Pistol’ series: “I feel shafted”

Courtesy of FX and Hulu

Sex Pistols bassist Glen Matlock reveals in a new interview that he wasn’t the biggest fan of Danny Boyle’s Hulu series about the band, Pistol. In an interview with The Metal Voice, Matlock admits he was “very disappointed” in the series, particularly in the way his departure from the band was depicted.

While he says he was happy it came out — “I thought it was important that it went ahead because it was based on Steve’s (Jones) story and take on things. And he was the guy that formed the band.” — he says he wishes it was “more truthful.” 

Matlock says unlike what was portrayed in the series, he “was not sacked” from the group, sharing, “That whole episode where Steve sacked [me] is just bollocks.”

He was even more upset because he had some meetings with Boyle before production began. “And I thought it had all been ironed out,” he says. “But then I was ignored. So, I’m not happy. I feel shafted.”

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