When will Metallica retire? “Hopefully it won’t happen for a while,” says Lars Ulrich

Jeff Kravitz/Getty Images for P+ and MTV

Like the rest of us, the members of Metallica are getting older. With one of their fellow “Big 4” thrash bands — Slayer — already retired, when will it be time for the “Enter Sandman” outfit to hang it up?

“Obviously, there is a point where it’s maybe not going to function anymore at some level, where we can’t play ‘Battery’ or ‘Master of Puppets’ or songs like that,” Lars Ulrich tells Revolver.

Before you say anything snarky, Ulrich’s aware that some might feel Metallica’s already reached that point — “I appreciate that,” he laughs — but in his eyes “it hasn’t happened yet, knock on wood.”

“Hopefully it won’t happen for a while,” Ulrich, 59, says. “I mean, [Paul] McCartney‘s out there past his 80th birthday. The [Rolling] Stones are still out there. [Bruce] Springsteen just started his tour.”

“I would say if we stay healthy, hopefully we’ve got another decade,” he adds, telling the interviewer, “The second I’m done with you, I’m getting on the Peloton.”

Metallica will release their new album, 72 Seasons, on April 14, and has world tour dates currently scheduled into fall 2024.

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