New exhibition looks at The Beatles’ influence on comics

Terry Disney/Express/Getty Images

The Beatles have influenced a lot over the years, including hairstyles, clothes and other musicians. And apparently that also includes comics.

A new exhibit at the Liverpool Beatles Museum, curated by former Spider-Man editor Tim Quinn, examines that influence on comics, including a variety of artwork featuring the legendary band from several world-famous cartoonists.

“The exhibition all started after I came across a comic which referenced the Beatles. Back in 1963, I was cutting these comics out and sticking them in a scrapbook as each Beatles reference came out,” Quinn tells the Liverpool Echo. “I then realized that the Beatles, as their fame grew, were just about everywhere in newspapers and magazines, and that somebody needed to compile this. I’ve been preparing for this exhibition for 60 years!”

The exhibit, which is now open to the public, plans to continuously add new artwork. In addition to Quinn, it will be curated by Roag Best, who is the brother of former Beatles drummer Pete Best

Best shares, “We know about the movies, we know about the records, we know about all these different aspects, but we felt that the Beatles in comics had been overlooked.”

He adds, “After sitting with Tim and discussing the exhibition, it seemed like a no brainer that we should do something to represent the Beatles in comics.”

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