Fleetwood Mac gets boost from TV

Fleetwood Mac gets boost from TV
Kevin Mazur/Getty Images

If you think you’ve been hearing a lot of Fleetwood Mac songs on TV lately, you aren’t imagining things.

AdAge reports that since the beginning of 2022, music by the Rock & Roll Hall of Famers has been featured across 16 different TV shows and commercials — and that doesn’t include clips played during reports of singer Christine McVie’s November 2022 death.

According to licensing platform Songtradr, the track that got the most exposure was 1987’s “Everywhere,” which was featured in a Chevy electric vehicle commercial, as well as a recent Kohl’s campaign. In addition, Fleetwood Mac’s “I’m Coming Home to Stay” was featured in the standout third episode of HBO’s The Last of Us, which featured Nick Offerman.

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