U2’s Adam Clayton teams up with Fender for signature bass amp

Chris McKay/Getty Images

U2‘s Adam Clayton is helping his fellow bassists out there. The rocker has teamed up with Fender for their first-ever all-tube bass combo amp in 40 years, dubbed the Adam Clayton ACB 50 Amp. It is described as being perfect “for the studio, club or arena stage.” 

“I’ve worked very hard with Fender on the Adam Clayton ACB 50 Bass Amp and I’m immensely proud of our creation,” Clayton shares. “I always found when I was starting out that it was very hard to find an amp that offered the mid-range distorted sound that I liked. This amp offers it in spades.” He adds, “It’s also very versatile, and if you’re moving around a lot or if you don’t have much space where you practice, then this is the amp for you.”

The amp is made of black textured vinyl, with a chrome panel, chicken head knobs and an aged silver grille cloth. It is available now for almost $2,200.

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