Scorpions albums being reissued on colored vinyl


Scorpions fans will soon have a new way to enjoy some of their classic albums. BMG is set to reissue 12 albums from the German rock band’s catalog on colored vinyl on May 5.

The Scorpions – Colors of Rock reissues encompass albums from 1974 to 2007. Among the records getting the colored vinyl treatment are 1977’s Taken By Force on white vinyl; 1978’s Tokyo Tapes on yellow vinyl; 1979’s Lovedrive and 1980’s Animal Magnetism, both on red vinyl; 1982’s Blackout on clear vinyl; and 1983’s Love at First Sting, which features the mega hit “Rock You Like A Hurricane,” on silver vinyl.

Four of the albums — 1974’s Fly To The Rainbow, 1975’s In Trance, 1976’s Virgin Killer and 2007’s Humanity (Hour 1) — are all being remastered for the first time from the original master tapes.

Scorpions – Colors of Rock is available for preorder now. The full list of colored vinyl releases include:

Fly To The Rainbow (1974) (transparent violet vinyl)
In Trance (1975) (transparent vinyl)
Virgin Killer (1976) (powder blue vinyl)
Taken By Force (1977) (white vinyl)
Tokyo Tapes (1978) (yellow vinyl)
Lovedrive (1979) (red vinyl)
Animal Magnetism (1980) (red vinyl)
Blackout (1982) (crystal-clear vinyl)
Love at First Sting (1983) (silver vinyl)
World Wide Live (1985) (transparent orange vinyl)
Savage Amusement (1988) (transparent light-blue vinyl)
Humanity (Hour 1) (2007) (gold vinyl)

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