Rob Halford on Ozzy Osbourne tour cancellation: “He made the right call”

Guillermo Legaria Schweizer/Getty Images

Judas Priest was supposed to open for Ozzy Osbourne on his European tour, before Ozzy announced he was canceling it due to his health. Well, Priest’s Rob Halford is fully behind Ozzy’s decision.

“It was terrible for him to have to make that important – and, to be honest, right – decision,” Halford tells Metal Hammer. “He made the right call. I don’t think he wanted to put himself through a thing where it’s like ‘Okay, we’ll have a go’ then have to cancel after a couple of shows.”

Halford notes there’s been a lot of “love” and “understanding” surrounding the Ozzy cancellation, and he agrees with the fan sentiment toward Ozzy, which is “put your feet up, you’ve earned it.” 

The cancellation has left Priest with an opening in their schedule. Halford says they are “frantically trying to figure out if we can do something this year to reward all those fans who have been waiting so patiently,” adding, “if we can make it happen and if we’ve got something to announce, we absolutely will.”

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