Mikkey Dee says touring as Motörhead will “never happen”: “That … is stepping over the line”

Dan MacMedan/WireImage

Motörhead disbanded in 2015 following the death of frontman Lemmy Kilmister — and according to drummer Mikkey Dee, it’ll stay that way.

During an interview with The Metal Voice, Dee was asked whether he and fellow surviving member Phil Campbell would ever tour as Motörhead again, to which he replied, “That, to me, is stepping over the line.”

“We will never, ever, ever tour with Motörhead as a name ever and bring someone else in [to replace Lemmy],” Dee said. “That will never happen.”

Still, Dee isn’t opposed to performing Motörhead songs live, as long as it isn’t being billed as “Motörhead.” For example, he mentions that he recently played some at a show under his own name.

“It has nothing to do with trying to be Motörhead,” he said. “This [show] is not advertised as Motörhead, it’s advertised ‘Mikkey Dee with Friends,’ for instance. So there’s definitely a line there.”

Meanwhile, a reissue of Motörhead’s final album, 2015’s Bad Magic, was released last month.

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