Journey’s Neal Schon teases “surprise” at upcoming Austin show; fans think it’s Gregg Rolie

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Journey is currently on their 50th anniversary tour, and it looks like there’s something special in store for fans going to their upcoming show in Austin, Texas.

Guitarist Neal Schon took to social media to tease what he’s calling a “special surprise” at the February 22 show in Austin. While he didn’t say anything else, fans think they know what it is.

Schon has said in the past that he was hoping to get Journey’s original keyboardist, Gregg Rolie, to join the tour. Fans think that’s what Schon’s teasing, especially since Rolie currently lives near Austin.

“Yes, a surprise… I wonder who lives in Texas,…hmmm, I wonder….who could it be??” one fan commented alongside a keyboard emoji, with another adding, “I’m gonna take a swing and say Mr. Rollie [sic] is gonna join you guys haha I hope my guess is right brother. Love it man, you deserve it.”

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