Warren Zevon’s family reacts to his Rock & Roll Hall of Fame nomination

Warren Zevon’s family reacts to his Rock & Roll Hall of Fame nomination
Courtesy of the Rock & Roll Hall of Fame

The late Warren Zevon is one of this year’s nominees for the Rock & Roll Hall of Fame, and the news left his children pretty emotional. 

“When I first saw it, tears came to my eyes first and then sort of the shock of it being 20 years later since he passed away,” daughter Ariel tells Billboard. “It feels like a significant moment for the Zevon family.” Son Jordan adds, “I’m excited. I had to wake up at 4:50 in the morning to get the news firsthand, so I’m very caffeinated and possibly a little dizzy, but I’m excited.”

As for how they think their dad would have taken the news, Jordan says, “There’s this misconception that dad wouldn’t have cared.” He added, “It’d be like, ‘Hey Johnny, hey Ariel, guess what?!’ It would have been, ‘It’s a big deal.’ It was his business. He wanted to be good at it. You want to win, you know, best plumber of the year.” 

Ariel says she feels like her father’s music resonates with a lot of people these days, noting, “I would say that’s a good sign of somebody who probably deserves to be recognized, for a contribution to the arts, just generally speaking.”

“I just think the quality of the music and the songwriting, it’s such a different level, and I think that he put so much care into it,” Jordan adds. “And commercial put aside, quality-wise he still kept writing some songs that I think are just really, truly amazing, throughout his career. I just think he is pretty f–king good!”

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