KISS manager says End of the Road tour will definitely end this year

Francesco Prandoni/Getty Images

KISS fans have been wondering when their End of the Road tour will finally end, and now the band’s manager is confirming it will definitely happen this year, although he didn’t reveal a specific date. 

The band’s longtime manager, Doc McGhee, said on Podcast Rock City that the last show will “be finalized in the next few days, and we’ll be making an announcement probably in the next 10 days.” 

“One thing about KISS, we’ve always been that band that went to places where most bands didn’t go,” he says. “So we play everybody’s town … You name it, we’ve played there. So we always go where the people are anyways.”

McGhee says the pandemic is the main reason the tour is still going on, but adds, “We had to end it at some time, which will be this year.” 

As for the future of KISS, and whether it can go on without Paul Stanley and Gene Simmons, McGhee noted, “There’s a lot of talk about everything. And nobody knows what’s gonna happen in the future.”

He adds that Simmons and Stanley are definitely “hanging their hats up after the (final) show, which is gonna be very, very difficult and very emotional for them after 50 years of doing this,” especially because “they love it.”

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