Tommy Lee sent note to Pamela Anderson ahead of ‘Pam & Tommy’ series

Courtesy of Hulu

Pamela Anderson was not happy about Hulu’s Emmy-nominated series Pam & Tommy, and she says her ex-husband, Mötley Crüe drummer Tommy Lee, reached out to her before it aired because he was concerned for her. 

“It was just shocking. Tommy probably thought it was funny,” she tells Variety in a new interview. “I remember Tommy writing me a note saying, ‘Don’t let this hurt you like it did the first time,’ because he had heard through the kids that I was kind of struggling with the idea of bringing this all up again.” 

She adds, “I don’t think he was portrayed kindly. I just know that I refuse to watch it.”

The couple were married from 1995 to 1998 and have two sons together. The series revolved around their infamous stolen sex tape, which quickly went viral on the internet. 

Anderson is out promoting her new biography, Love, Pamela, and the upcoming Netflix documentary Pamela: A Love Story, which both come out January 31. She said she wasn’t all that impressed by the look of Sebastian Stan, who played Lee, and Lily James, who played her, noting that judging from billboards, “It just looked like a Halloween costume to me.”

While Anderson has some choice words for the creators of the series, she doesn’t actually have any hard feelings for James and even told Netflix she’d like to invite her to the premiere of her series. “I think it’s hard to play somebody when you don’t know the whole picture,” she says. “I think that she’s a beautiful girl and she was just doing the job. But the idea of the whole thing happening was just really crushing for me.”

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