Rob Halford celebrates 37 years of sobriety

Scott Dudelson/Getty Images

Rob Halford is celebrating 37 of years of sobriety, and he marked the occasion with an inspirational post to social media.

Noting that the key to his sobriety is to take things “one day at a time,” the Judas Priest frontman holds up a coin representing the amount of time he’s been sober and shares, “When I look at this commemorative coin, I’m full of love for my higher power and grateful to you because having you in my life helps me maintain my focus making the best I can in all areas of metal as well as trying to be a better person by taking a daily inventory.”

The Rock & Roll Hall of Famer adds, “I believe we never stop growing and searching to find ways to do anything that improves not only our lives, but also for all those we love. None of this is easy and it wasn’t meant to be. We constantly have to work and dig deep into every aspect of ourselves to stay clean and sober.” 

Halford then offers some supportive words for “those of you on this same journey,” sending them his “unconditional love.” He adds, “And to those of you who are about to begin, please take that first step into your new life. I love you.”

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