Robert Plant wants to record with Alison Krauss again

Robert Plant wants to record with Alison Krauss again
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When Robert Plant and Alison Krauss first collaborated on their 2007 album, Raising Sand, it resulted in them winning the 2009 Grammy for Album of the Year. It took 14 years for them to come together again for 2021’s Raising the Roof. So, why did it take so long to reunite? 

In an interview with Billboard, Plant insists it was really just a matter of scheduling.

“I’m not in control of my own time, I just find the momentum in a project and go with it,” Plant shares, noting “if I’d finish something and I was really looking forward to doing something fresh, maybe Alison was in the middle of one of her projects, and that’s how it was.” He adds, “It was no negotiation except for with the calendar and with time.”

Of course, coming together did prove to be a success once again, with their latest up for three Grammy Awards. So, with the huge amount of success they’ve had working together, is it possible we’ll see another album from the pair? 

“I can’t see any reason why not,” he says. “I suppose if we wait another 14 years it could be a bit dicey for me, to be honest. I might find it a little bit difficult hitting a top C.” He adds, “But we can say it really works well, and we enjoy each other and that’s a great thing — so it seems like a great idea.”

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