Mick Fleetwood featured on new song from Road Recovery charity, “Wouldn’t You Know”

Mick Fleetwood featured on new song from Road Recovery charity, “Wouldn’t You Know”
Courtesy of Road Recovery

Fleetwood Mac drummer Mick Fleetwood has lent his talents to a new song called “Wouldn’t You Know,” a collaboration with the Road Recovery charity organization that was released Tuesday via digital formats.

The tune was written and recorded by Type II, the house band of Road Recovery’s Trax Program, which “offers young people the opportunity to build healthy networks during challenging times, helping them avoid self-destructive or risky behavior.”

“My message of hope [to Road Recovery youth] is to stay on track, to believe in yourselves, and to also encourage those around you that are working to the same goal,” Fleetwood says, “and the goal is to have something in your heart that really makes you feel good, to make you feel that what you are doing is really worthwhile, which it is, and knowing that you’re all there as a team of people is what you should remember.”

Footage of Fleetwood recording “Wouldn’t You Know” with the Trax Program’s participants is featured in a music video for the track that’s streaming on Road Recovery’s YouTube channel.

Fleetwood first became involved with Road Recovery in 2018 through an introduction by his good friend, producer/musician Don Miggs. Miggs, a longtime Road Recovery supporter, produced “Wouldn’t You Know.”

The track is the latest installment in the Trax Program’s recently launched Golden Promise Project series of original recordings. A song titled “Crimson Chaos” that featured Guns N’ Roses guitarist Slash was released last month as part of the series.

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