New Beach Boys video series begins today with debut of “Barbara Ann” clip

The Beach Boys in 1964; Gems/Redferns/Getty Images

A new series of videos set to four classic Beach Boys songs from the mid-1960s launched Friday with the premiere of 1965’s “Barbara Ann.”

Watched together, the four videos tell the story of a high school romance between surfing-obsessed Helena and her classmate Lucas, an aspiring photographer who just moved into town. All of the clips include clever references and nods to The Beach Boys.

The “Barbara Ann” clip specifically follows Helena as she daydreams about surfing while sitting in class and then making her way home from school. We’re also briefly introduced to Lucas, whom Helena passes on her bicycle.

The other three videos, which will be set to “Don’t Worry Baby,” “Wouldn’t It Be Nice” and “God Only Knows,” will debut on the band’s official YouTube channel at noon ET, respectively, on Saturday, September 10; Friday, September 16; and Saturday, September 17.

The “Don’t Worry Baby” visual will share Lucas’ back story, “Wouldn’t It Be Nice” will focus on his and Helena’s romance, and “God Only Knows” will look at where their relationship is at as the school year ends.

The videos were directed by Andrew Litten, who’s worked with Earth, Wind & Fire, Anderson .Paak and Pusha T, and were filmed in South Africa with local actors.

“A recurring theme throughout The Beach Boys’ music is the feeling of being young and in love,” explains Litten. “Their most iconic songs were written when they were between the ages of 15 to 21, so there’s this exciting view on life that’s immortalized in their lyrics. I wanted to do the same with the music videos by capturing the spontaneity and playfulness of being a teenager, fantasizing about the future, pursuing new passions, and falling in love.”

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