Collective Soul’s Ed Roland reflects on being “the opening band for everybody”

James Gilbert/Getty Images

It’d be hard to beat Collective Soul‘s collection of tour mates.

The “Shine” rockers have shared the road with artists including Metallica, Aerosmith, Van Halen, The Cranberries and Styx over their 30 years as a band. Speaking with ABC Audio, frontman Ed Roland shares he feels “blessed” to have such an extensive touring history.

“We’re like the opening band for everybody,” Roland laughs.

As for what makes Collective Soul able to fit on so many different kinds of bills, Roland’s explanation is simple: “We’re just a rock ‘n’ roll band.”

“We’ve just never put ourselves where we have to be this sound or this vibe,” he says. “It’s all about that song at that moment — how is this song gonna translate to what makes us feel good?”

Collective Soul now has a new band to add to the roster in Switchfoot, who they’ve been touring with since July. Roland feels his group and the “Meant to Live” rockers share a common “spirit of the music” and “attitude.”

“They take it serious, we take it serious,” Roland says. “It’s just the values of everybody in the band. They’re very family oriented.”

Fittingly, both Collective Soul and Switchfoot are literal bands of brothers. Roland’s brother Dean Roland plays guitar in Collective Soul, while Switchfoot features siblings in frontman Jon Foreman and bassist Tim Foreman.

More than that, though, Roland feels the two bands are both “appreciative of where we are in life.”

“We’re appreciative of people enjoying our music,” he says. “I think that is what bonds us together.”

Collective Soul’s tour with Switchfoot is scheduled through the end of September. Their new album, Vibrating, is out now.

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