Members of The Who, Journey, Doobie Brothers & more send birthday wishes to Paul McCartney

Members of The Who, Journey, Doobie Brothers & more send birthday wishes to Paul McCartney
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Paul McCartney‘s magical mystery tour of a life brings him to his 80th birthday this Saturday.

The music that McCartney has made as a member of The Beatles and a solo artist has served as the soundtrack to so many people’s lives and has inspired countless musicians.

Several well-known artists have shared birthday wishes and messages for McCartney with ABC Audio.

The Who‘s Pete Townshend says he has Sir Paul’s phone number saved in his own mobile phone, and he plans to text him “Happy Birthday” on his big day.

“As for him turning 80, you know, he’s perennial,” Townshend adds. “I don’t know how he keeps going. He obviously loves performing. And it can’t be anything to do with money.”

Longtime Journey keyboardist Jonathan Cain describes McCartney as “the quintessential songwriter.”

“[P]robably only Elton John that I can think of…has been so prolific, and has left us with such enduring melody,” Cain adds. “[McCartney] is the king of melody, as far as I’m concerned. No one comes close to what he’s laid down. And he continues to bring it.”

Founding Doobie Brothers singer/guitarist Pat Simmons declares, “Congratulations to Paul McCartney on being one of the greatest singer/songwriters of all time, and still doing it. Just…thanks for the inspiration from the rest of us.”

Simmons also recalls the first time he saw McCartney in concert several years ago in Japan.

“It was…a fantastic show, maybe one of the best shows I’ve ever seen, period, as far as…musical presentations,” says Pet. “The guy played for three hours straight, never took a break, sang like he was 18 years old…Paul was top of his game, and as far as I hear, he still is.”

Here are a few other birthday messages for McCartney:

Tom Petty & the Heartbreakers guitarist Mike Campbell: “My old friend, Paul McCartney. Happy birthday, brother, I hope I make it as far as you did.”

The MonkeesMicky Dolenz: “Happy birthday! I love him to death. And health and happiness, you know? He’s incredible.”

The RascalsFelix Cavaliere: Paul is probably one of the two, three greatest songwriters of our time. There’s no question about it. Prolific is not the word…I really applaud him for still being out there working. I know he loves it just as much as we love it, and [I’m] just happy to have known him over the years…Happy birthday.”

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