RHCP’s Chad Smith joins Matt Cameron in denouncing ’Rolling Stone’ magazine’s Taylor Hawkins piece

RHCP’s Chad Smith joins Matt Cameron in denouncing ’Rolling Stone’ magazine’s Taylor Hawkins piece
Michael Buckner/Getty Images for Heifer International

Red Hot Chili Peppers drummer Chad Smith is following Pearl Jam‘s Matt Cameron in denouncing Rolling Stone‘s recent article about Taylor Hawkins.

The piece, which was published Monday evening, features interviews with both named and anonymous friends of the late Foo Fighters drummer, including Smith and Cameron.

The piece includes multiple sources claiming that Hawkins had expressed discomfort with the amount of touring he had to do as part of Foo Fighters leading up to his unexpected death this past March, with both Cameron and Smith quoted as saying Hawkins had a “heart-to-heart” conversation with Foo frontman Dave Grohl and the band’s management about his concerns.

Smith is also quoted talking about an alleged incident during which Hawkins “lost consciousnesses” while on a flight last December.

“That was one of the straws that broke the camel’s back,” one of Smith’s quotes reads. “After that, [Hawkins] had a real important heart-to-heart with Dave and the management. He said, ‘I can’t continue on this schedule, and so we’ve got to figure out something.'”

Both claims about the alleged conversation between Hawkins, Grohl and management and Hawkins losing consciousness aboard that flight were denied by a Foo Fighters rep.

On Tuesday afternoon, Cameron issued a statement claiming that his quotes were “taken out of context and shaped into a narrative I had never intended,” adding that he’s “truly sorry to have taken part in this interview.”

Smith then followed with his own statement Tuesday evening, reading, “The story [Rolling Stone] wrote was sensationalized and misleading.”

“Had I known I never would have agreed to participate,” Smith continued. “I apologize to his family and musical friends for any pain this may have caused. I miss Taylor every day.”

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