Patti Smith reveals she’s planning to record “one more album,” and has “written a lot of songs” for it

Taylor Hill/Getty Images

It’s been almost 10 years since Patti Smith released her most recent studio album — 2012’s Banga — but the legendary singer/songwriter known as the “Godmother of Punk” has now revealed that she’s planning to make another one…and it may be her last.

In a new article published in U.K. newspaper The Guardian, Smith answered a variety of questions submitted by fans, including if she was planning a follow-up to Banga.

“I do have plans and I’ve written a lot of songs,” Patti said. “I’d like to do one more album and my record company, Columbia, has very generously left the door open.”

Another fan asked Smith to name her favorite album, and she chose Banga.

Patti explained, “‘Constantine’s Dream,’ the long improvised piece at the end, touched a lot of things that concern me — art, the future of mankind, climate change, the horrors done to our indigenous people, and love.”

She added, “I love the cover, which was shot on the fly by my friend Stephen Sebring. That record feels like me, like [my 1975 debut album] Horses feels like me.”

Besides her music, Smith’s an acclaimed poet and author.  Asked about her unrealized dreams, she said, “There’s nothing I love more than books. I’ve written some and I’m really happy with them but I just want to write at least one that I feel deserves to be in the canon of books to endure. I basically want to write something as good as Pinocchio and, yes, I’ve started it.”

Smith has a variety of concerts lined up for 2022, with her next shows scheduled for May 6 in Tulsa, Oklahoma, and May 7 in Austin, Texas. Check out her full itinerary at

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