The Rolling Stones’ Mick Jagger says ex-members likely won’t take part in band’s 60th anniversary tour

Jason Koerner/WireImage

As The Rolling Stones prepare to launch their 60th anniversary tour with a European leg starting this June 1 in Madrid, Mick Jagger has shared a few details about the trek in a new interview with Rolling Stone.

The 78-year-old singer says the band won’t be making that big deal about the milestone, noting that he and his band mates will approach it with “a light touch,” adding, “I’m not going to push it that hard.”

For The Rolling Stones’ 50th anniversary tour, former bassist Bill Wyman and guitarist Mick Taylor made guest appearances with the group, but as for something similar happening during this year’s trek, Jagger says, “We’re not going to go there, I don’t think.”

He adds, “The tour’s called Sixty, but apart from that we’re not going to do too much. I think that’s enough.”

Meanwhile, Mick notes that he’s finding it a challenge to come up with a set list for the trek.

“It’s hard,” he notes. “It should be easy but it’s not as easy as all that to get ones that everyone likes and goes for. It’s the common denominator of getting 50,000 people to want to hear a song that they want. You want to be adventurous — and you can be adventurous for a minute — but you can’t be adventurous for too long, because they get bored.”

Jagger also says he likely will pick some songs that he likes, regardless of what the fans might think.

“You always got to do some things for yourself,” he says. “That’s one of things I’m working on.”

The Rolling Stones’ Sixty tour of Europe features 14 dates and runs through a July 31 show in Stockholm, Sweden.

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