Neil Young’s issuing fourth volume of his ‘Official Release Series’ box sets, featuring four 1980s releases

Neil Young’s issuing fourth volume of his ‘Official Release Series’ box sets, featuring four 1980s releases
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Neil Young has unveiled plans to issue the fourth installment of his Official Release Series (ORS), a four-disc box set featuring three of his 1980s studio albums, plus the rare Eldorado EP, on April 29.

The ORS #4 collection, which can be pre-ordered now, will be available in both CD and vinyl formats. It features 1980’s folk- and country-influenced Hawks & Doves, 1981’s hard-rocking Crazy Horse collaboration Re•ac•tor, 1988’s foray into big-band blues This Note’s for You, and the aforementioned Eldorado, a five-track EP from 1989 that previously was only released in Japan and Australia.

Eldorado includes two songs, “Cocaine Eyes” and “Heavy Love,” that have never appeared on any other album. If you pre-order the box set, you receive an immediate download of “Cocaine Eyes.” The track also is available to purchase now as a digital single and via streaming services.

Hawks & Doves, Re•ac•tor and This Note’s for You reached $30, #27 and #61, respectively, on the Billboard 200. The Re•ac•tor song “Southern Pacific” peaked at #22 on Billboard‘s Top Rock Tracks tally, while This Note’s for You‘s title track and “Ten Workin’ Men” landed at #19 and #6 on the same chart.

The CD version of ORS #4 will be sold via all retailers, while the vinyl package will be available at independent record stores and at the Greedy Hand Store at Neil’s official website, All those who purchase ORS #4 box sets at the Greedy Hand Store will receive a free hi-res digital download of the collection from the Neil Young Archives’ Xstream Store.

Here’s the Hawks & Doves track list:

“Little Wing”
“The Old Homestead”
“Lost in Space”
“Captain Kennedy”
“Stayin’ Power”
“Union Man”
“Comin’ Apart at Every Nail”
“Hawks & Doves”

Here’s the Re•ac•tor track list:

“Opera Star”
“Surfer Joe and Moe the Sleaze”
“Get Back on It”
“Southern Pacific”
“Motor City”
“Rapid Transit”

Here’s the This Note’s for You track list:

“Ten Men Workin'”
“This Note’s for You”
“Coupe de Ville”
“Life in the City”
“Married Man”
“Sunny Inside”
“Can’t Believe Your Lyin'”
“Hey Hey”
“One Thing”

And here’s the Eldorado EP’s track list:

“Cocaine Eyes”
“Don’t Cry”
“Heavy Love”
“On Broadway”

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