Ann Wilson says she and sister Nancy “don’t see eye to eye” on Heart now, but they’re “working on it”

Ann Wilson says she and sister Nancy “don’t see eye to eye” on Heart now, but they’re “working on it”
Jamie McCarthy/Getty Images for God’s Love We Deliver

During a recent interview that streamed on TalkShopLive, Nancy Wilson revealed that plans for a new Heart tour were on hold because she and her sister and band mate Ann were at odds over the musicians who would make up the touring version of the group.

Now, Ann Wilson tells ABC Audio that although she and her sister currently aren’t agreeing about Heart’s direction moving forward, she insists that she and Nancy aren’t feuding, and she feels that they eventually will be able to resolve their differences.

“There’s a lot of myth about what’s going on between me and Nancy, that there’s a feud or something like that. There really isn’t any feud between us personally,” Ann says. “We don’t see eye to eye on the shape that Heart should take. Like…I want to see it continue to evolve and break barriers and be relevant. And she…doesn’t want to try new things that much, you know.”

The singer adds, “I’m not trying to diss her at all, because I think we get a really bad rap for just being at each other’s throats. We’re not. We have a disagreement on who would be in the Heart band is all right now, but we’re working on it.”

In the TalkShopLive interview, Nancy explained that Ann had wanted Heart’s backing group to feature the musicians who make up her current solo touring band, The Amazing Dawgs, who also helped Ann record her upcoming solo album, Fierce Bliss, due out in April.

Nancy, meanwhile, says she wanted to continue with the same musicians who toured as Heart with her and Ann in 2019. Nancy has now launched a new group named Nancy Wilson’s Heart with the latter musicians and former Voice contestant Kimberly Nicole as lead singer.

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