Navarro, Hawkins & Chaney release debut NHC EP, ‘Intakes & Outtakes’

Navarro, Hawkins & Chaney release debut NHC EP, ‘Intakes & Outtakes’

Dave Navarro, Taylor Hawkins and Chris Chaney have released their debut EP as NHC.

The four-track collection, titled Intakes & Outtakes, includes two new songs — “One and the Same” and “I Could Be Somebody Else” — as well as covers of Pink Floyd‘s “Fearless” and “Something About You” by English jazz-funk outfit Level 42.

“I’m really proud of this collection of songs as they really showcase the range that we like to explore collectively,” says Navarro. His Jane’s Addiction band mate Chaney adds, “This is a great batch of songs that covers an amalgamation of our combined styles and influences.”

Hawkins says, “We had tons of fun as usual creating these little gems.”

“If you can’t see the connection between what we do, what Pink Floyd does, and what Level 42 did well then you’re just not getting it,” the Foo Fighters drummer shares.

NHC made their debut last fall with the songs “Feed the Cruel” and “Better Move On.” They later followed those tracks with two more original tunes, “Devil That You Know” and “Lazy Eyes.”

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