Bryan Adams reveals the unusual way he’d like to be remembered

Credit: Bryan Adams

2021 was tough for Bryan Adams: He got COVID-19 twice. Thankfully, he didn’t succumb to his illness. But the veteran star has considered how he’d like to be remembered — and it’s pretty unique.

The publication asked Bryan if he’d like to be remembered as a musician or as a photographer, which is his other passion. “I could [sic] care less if I’m remembered or not,” Adams responded. “In fact, if I woke up tomorrow and there was no trace of me on the internet, I’d be thrilled.”

But after that harsh response, the “Summer of ’69” rocker gave the question a bit more thought.

I once did an interview with a Brazilian journalist who asked me if I knew how many kisses my songs were responsible for. I had never thought about that before,” Bryan mused. “He calculated that it would be in the billions. I really liked that. Imagine being responsible for a billion kisses!”

He went on to say that if he were to be remembered in that way, “That would be okay with me, because without love we are nothing.”

“So to be able to bring a little love into this world — that means everything to me,” he added.

Bryan’s new album, So Happy It Hurts, is out March 11. He’s already released three songs from it: the title track,On the Road” and “Kick A**.”  While his New Year’s Eve show in Vancouver was canceled due to COVID-19, he hints that he might want to hit the road this year after doing a November 2021 mini-residency in Las Vegas.

On Instagram, Bryan wrote, “I wonder what 2022 will be like, because after the Vegas shows, the idea of touring got under my skin again. Looking forward to seeing you all.”

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