A Rod Stewart biopic? Rod says, “We’re working on it”

Credit: Penny Lancaster Stewart

In the last couple of years, biopics of Elton John and Queen‘s Freddie MercuryRocketman and Bohemian Rhapsody, respectively — were hugely successful at the box office, and Rod Stewart isn’t about to let a similar opportunity pass him by: He claims that he’s actively working on a movie of his life.

During an interview with the music newsletter The New Cue, Stewart is asked if a biopic is happening, to which he replies. “Yeah, yeah! I want that to happen!!” When asked for details, Rod says, “We’re working on it, that’s all I can tell you.”

So who would play Stewart in this alleged film? He tells The New Cue, “Oh God, I’ve haven’t thought of that. I know my 18-year-old son wants to play me at 18. Maybe I could get my other son playing me when I was 10.”

In addition to planning a biopic, Rod is also promoting his new album The Tears of Hercules, which is his fourth album of original songs in eight years.  Sir Rod says this late-career creative roll he’s been on is a result of a few different things.

“I didn’t enjoy writing songs back in the day because it was taking up such a huge part of my life, with all the drinking and a-drugging and a-shagging and a-drinking,” he explains. “But now that’s all gone out the window, I’m concentrated on writing songs and enjoying it a great deal.”

“Also, I’ve realized the capability for writing personal songs and telling the truth,” he adds, pointing out that he’s got plenty of material. As the father of eight puts it, “I’ve lived a life. Over and over and over again.”

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