The infamous Pamela Anderson and Tommy Lee sex tape takes center stage in new ‘Pam & Tommy’ trailer


As has been reported, Lily James and Sebastian Stan became perfect doppelgängers for Pamela Anderson and Tommy Lee for the Hulu film Pam & Tommy, but now the buzzy Hulu series has a new teaser.

The clip serves as something of an origin story for one of the couple’s most infamous — and intimate — escapades: their stolen sex tape. 

Seth Rogen and Parks and Recreation‘s Nick Offerman are seen scanning through a videotape that was stolen in a burglary of the stars’ Malibu home, when they strike gold: X-rated honeymoon footage of the pair.

“It’s so private,” Offerman’s Uncle Miltie says. “It’s like we’re seeing something we’re not supposed to be seeing. Which is kinda what makes it so hot.” 

The stolen footage was leaked online, prompting the Motley Crüe drummer and the Baywatch icon to sue the distributor, Internet Entertainment Group. After settling with the company, the footage was released legitimately in 1998, and made a reported $77 million in less than a year. 

Helmed by Stan’s I, Tonya director Craig GillespiePam & Tommy tracks the couple’s whirlwind romance, their quickie 1995 wedding, and their turbulent marriage, which ended in 1998, amid reports of physical abuse. 

Neither stars were involved in the making of the series, which was produced by Rogen and his longtime collaborator, Evan Goldberg.

Pam & Tommy premieres Feb. 2 on Hulu.

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