Alice Cooper shares “Who I Really Am” in new installment of Audible’s ‘Words + Music’ series

Alice Cooper shares “Who I Really Am” in new installment of Audible’s ‘Words + Music’ series
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Alice Cooper delves into his many adventures as a famous shock rocker in a new installment of Audible’s Words + Music audio series, Who I Really Am: The Diary of a Vampire, debuting today.

The two-hour feature captures the Rock & Roll Hall of Famer discussing how the original Alice Cooper band came together and, with their edgy sound and over-the-top, horror-inspired stage show, became one of the biggest rock group’s of the early 1970s.

Cooper, whose given name is Vincent Furnier, tells ABC Audio that he tapped his longtime producer Bob Ezrin to work with him on the Audible project.

“Bob and I are the only two that actually know the character Alice Cooper,” he notes. “I mean, we’ve created him over the years.”

Interspersed in the feature are acoustic renditions of some of Cooper’s biggest hits, including “I’m Eighteen,” “School’s Out,” and “Poison,” recorded especially for Who I Really Am.

“[T]hat was actually one of the more fun things to do, was to go revisit those songs in an acoustic version,” Alice says.

Who I Really Am also features Cooper discussing his childhood as the son of an evangelist; the inspiration behind some of his famous songs; his experiences with other famous rockers; his descent into alcohol and substance abuse; meeting his wife, Sheryl; and his Christian faith.

Reflecting on the incongruous aspects of his life, Cooper notes, “[T]he idea that I came from a Christian home, and that I went as far away as I could and then came back. The fact that I’ve been married 45 years to the greatest girl. I mean, there’s so many things that you would never, ever expect the Alice Cooper story to be.”

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