Tape of unreleased John Lennon interview and song sells for $58k

Chris Walter/Getty Images

A previously unreleased John Lennon song, recorded during a 1970 interview, may finally see the light of day.

The 33-minute cassette tape includes the as-yet-unheard song, “Radio Peace,” as well as interviews with Lennon and his wife, Yoko Ono, recorded at the New Experimental College at Skyum Bjerge, Denmark. That tape sold Tuesday for the equivalent of $58,125, according to the Bruun Rasmussen auction house. The tape was only expected to fetch up to the equivalent of $47,128.

The interview, recorded on January 5, included about half-a-dozen journalists and four 16-year-old students who arrived after an official press conference looking to speak with the Beatles member, according to the auction house.

At the time of the interview, The Beatles had recorded their last album, Abbey Road and, though not yet officially announced, had already gone their separate ways.

Lennon discusses, among other things, the reason for being in Skyum Bjerge, how his and Yoko’s art and music championed world peace, and how everybody could contribute to the cause. There’s also “talk about the length of his hair, and their micro-macro diet, how it was to perform with The Beatles and the importance of crashing the Beatle image.”

At one point, a student asks whether Lennon would play the guitar, and he plays “Radio Peace,” followed by “a slightly different version” of “Give Peace a Chance,” according to the auction house. The BBC reports that “Radio Peace” was written as the theme song for a radio station that never opened.

Lennon and Ono had been in Denmark “for private reasons” since December 1969. Anthony Cox, Ono’s ex-husband, had moved to rural north Jutland in Denmark, bringing their five-year-old daughter, Kyoko, with him. Kyoko was present for the recording.

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